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Springtime in Symphony Farms

April 24, 2020

It’s Springtime in Symphony Farms and we couldn’t be more excited to see so many people out enjoying the weather.

The residents of this awesome Gardner community have always been an active group. Right now, the sidewalks are busier than ever with families out for walks with their dogs and joggers making up for lost gym time. The buzz of power tools signals spring, too, as many motivated DIYers tackle home projects. 

Then there’s social media, where timelines are full of photos of people making the best of being at home and indoors. There are lots of posts about artful attempts and homemade goodness, like freshly baked bread…and some unashamed Pinterest fails.

If you haven’t found a way to pass your time yet, we’ve put together a few suggestions inspired by what we’ve seen from our friends and neighbors.

  1. Start your garden.

A little prep work will get your garden going and growing nicely. Rake the garden beds and get it ready for planting. Apply a fresh layer of mulch after you amend the soil. According to the Farmer’s Almanac’s planting calendar for Gardner, KS, you can plant most of your herbs and vegetables right now. You can also plant perennials now that the last frost has passed. Not sure which perennials to plant? Here’s a helpful list of perennials to plant in the spring. Prune your spring-blooming shrubs and plant new ones. Be sure to pull weeds so they don’t reseed themselves.

  1. Restart your landscaping.

Rake up the debris in your yard. Dead leaves and branches can prohibit fresh grass growth, so start the growing season with a healthy foundation. Spring is also the best time to fertilize your lawn (plan to do it again in the fall). 

Some quick weekend work can make your Monday morning view a whole lot better with fresh flowers outside your window. Create container gardens to add splashes of color wherever you want them—like the front porch, patio, and along your walkways. Hang baskets of flowers to perk up the yard and attract hummingbirds

  1. Find a new furry friend.

Pet shelters are busier than ever and looking for homes to foster or adopt. Nothing encourages a brisk walk like a dog that’s still potty training—and this routine is a good way to get out and grab fresh air. While the kids are without practices, games, and other after-school activities, now is the perfect time to challenge the kids really to hold up their promise to feed and clean up after a dog. 

Spring is also the start of “kitten season”, so be on the lookout for little ones that need a loving home.

Just remember, that you’re providing a forever home for the furry friend you adopt. Be prepared to give it the care and attention this precious pet deserves!

  1. Break out the yard games.

There are no sports to watch and your kids’ games are on hold right now. Bring back the sporting life by setting up and playing some lawn games. Try cornhole, croquet, bocce, badminton, lawn darts, horseshoes, and pickleball. You can even go big and get giant versions of dominoes, dice, chess, checkers, tic tac toe, Jenga, and Connect 4 to make your backyard play more interesting.

  1. Bake an old family favorite.

This last idea serves just as well on a rainy day or one where allergies keep you indoors. Clean out your cabinets and dust off one of your old cookbooks to find something tempting. Is there something you remember from your childhood that would be really comforting, like grandma’s oatmeal cookies or banana bread? Try making donut holes or soft pretzels. Get the kids involved for a quick cooking lesson, too! If you’re baking from scratch, use butter instead of margarine. And for a twist on pie crust, add orange juice in place of water.

If you’re not feeling adventurous, just use a store-bought mix and make it better. Stir in a different flavoring, add a little spice (you can never go wrong with cinnamon!), or mix in chocolate chips or nuts. 

How are you spending your time this spring? Wouldn’t it be great to be here in this truly unique community in Gardner? We have move-in ready homes for sale in Symphony Farms so you could become part of our friendly neighborhood right now. Reach out to us and make this spring a truly memorable season.

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