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The Final Touch to the Exterior of Your Home

June 14, 2024

Drive through Symphony Farms and you will see charming homes surrounded by lush green grass and gorgeous flowers, shrubs, and trees. We love how the homeowners take such pride in maintaining the exterior of their homes.

Lifestyles Building & Design, the builder in Symphony Farms, includes an irrigation system with every new home in Phase VI. This is a built-in sprinkler system on a timer that keeps the grass watered. The pipes are underground and maintain a sleek visual appearance. No more garden hoses attached to sprinklers that you are moving all around the yard.

Here are some essential points to consider with your irrigation system:

  • If you have someone mow your lawn for you, notify them of the system to help reduce damages.
  • Aeration is never suggested. The spokes may damage the irrigation lines.
  • Zones that are in the shade require less water than zones in full sun.
  • If water is running freely into the street, you may be over watering.
  • To reduce water evaporation, run the system when air temperature and wind speeds are lowest. This is usually early in the morning.
  • The system is programmed by you. We recommend changing the program to fit the time of year we are in. 
  • Prepare the system for winter to prevent freezing.

With this system in place, even in the hottest months of the summer, your lawn will look great. Many families have a busy schedule in the spring, summer and fall with school, sports, vacations, and just life. You will find an irrigation system is convenient to your lifestyle. 

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