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Imagine Your New Home in Symphony Farms

April 17, 2024

Let’s continue the journey to your new home. You have thought about what it would be like to have a functioning laundry room, more bedrooms for the growing family, or a space for your hobby or projects. The family has talked about what they need, what they want and what they wish they could have in the new home. Everyone has dreamed of how they would live in the new home.

Engage on Social Media

And with all the social channels available, you have probably started looking online at pictures and reels of homes. There is a lot to see! Dive into Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest to discover Lifestyles Building & Design and Symphony Farms. Also visit for more inspiration. Save your favorite images and bring them to your meeting you have scheduled with the builder. 

Look at the Floorplans

There are several floorplans available to help you live how you want to live in Symphony Farms. If you are looking for a 2-story home for the growing family, check out The Clint or The Cody prints. All the bedrooms are upstairs on the second floor. Each bedroom is connected to a bathroom. And the laundry room is also upstairs. The main floor has plenty of living space and a wonderful kitchen with walk in pantry. 

The Shilow and Freemont are new 2-story floorplans. They offer a dedicated office on the first floor away from the main activity.

Explore the story and half home. This would include The Madison and The Trenton plan. The main suite is located on the first floor and the other bedrooms are located on the second floor. 

For those interested in a reverse ranch, we have several options. The Andrew, The Austin, The Stuart, The Camden, and The Stockton plan all have a room upstairs that can be used as an office or a bedroom. In all reverse plans, the main suite consists of a spacious bedroom, luxurious bathroom, and tailored closet connected to the laundry room. Each plan has a finished basement that can include two bedrooms, one full bathroom and a large living area.

Talk with the Builder

At Symphony Farms, there is only one builder constructing all the new homes. Jim is very hands on and oversees each new project in the subdivision. Whether you prefer picking your lot, watching the house being framed, and making selections, or you want to find a home under construction that you can move in quickly, there are options. Call Jim at 913-884-6300 to schedule a meeting. He would be happy to answer questions and assist you on your journey to a new home.

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