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Ready To Start Your Journey To A New Home?

February 1, 2024

Looking for your new home is an exciting journey that takes time. The decision to search for a new home is usually driven by change. Have you outgrown your current house? Or the opposite, you are now empty nesters. Are you relocating to be near family or a new job? Is it time to invite Mom to live with you and yours? Whatever the reason for your journey, here are a few suggestions to help you get started.

How do you want to live in your new home

Think about the reason for your journey to a new home. You want all the children and bedrooms on the same floor with you. You have a hobby that deserves its own location in your home. Your Dad needs his own space, while also being close to the family. You could work from home if you had a dedicated office. Think about your situation. As thoughts come to you, write them down.

Pros and cons of your current home

There is usually something we feel our current home is missing. Or something we would change, if we could. Maybe you don't have enough storage and a walk-in closet would solve this dilemma. The floorplan is not open and inviting for family gatherings. Take some time and think about what this means for you. Write down your thoughts.

Next, think about the things you love in your current home. For example, the pantry that holds every small appliance you use in the kitchen or the finished basement for family game night. Again, take some time to think about what this means for you. Write down your thoughts. No matter how small the detail.

If there are others that will move into the new home with you, be sure to include them in this process. Your significant other, children, or parents all provide valuable perspectives. This will also help everyone transition through this journey.

Review the lists you made

Now take some time to review your lists. What would you consider a must have in your new home? Some ideas include less stairs to climb, more bathrooms for the growing family, or a functioning laundry room. What do you Need in your new home?

Usually there are items or features that come to mind which you would like to have but it is not a must have item. Call this a Want. An example might be a built-in in the dining room to showcase your dishes, a mudroom by the garage, or a coffee bar.

It is human nature to think about items that we would love to have but the budget may tell us we can't have. At least not yet. Call this a Wish. A screened in porch could be something you have always dreamed about. What is on your wish list?

Schedule a meeting with the builder

At Symphony Farms, we love to hear about your lists and talk about your needs, wants, and wishes. We believe that a direct conversation between you and the builder overseeing the construction of your new home is essential to ensure your satisfaction. You will meet the actual builder in Symphony Farms. We are only building homes in one subdivision, so our builder is very involved in your home from start to finish.

Ready to schedule time to talk with our builder? Jim can be reached by email at We look forward to helping you complete your journey to a new home and welcoming you to the Symphony Farms community.

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