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Right-Sizing Your Home for Your Life and Lifestyle

October 18, 2019

Whether you are looking for more, or a little less from you next home, the important thing is right-sizing your home for your life and lifestyle. 

This is an opportunity to really think about what you want and need in a new home from the number of bedrooms to designated spaces for your hobbies. In reality, right-sizing is not about moving up or moving down, but making sure that the home you have works for you. 

Here are a few questions from our staff at Lifestyles Building to help you get started:

How many bedrooms do you really need? 

You may be planning ahead for your growing family or starting your second chapter after dropping the kids off at college. Either way, your home and the way you use it will be changing drastically. 

Choosing the right number of rooms and bathrooms is vitally important to finding your dream home. That is probably why they are the first two numbers listed in most housing ads. 

Start with yourself and plan on a master suite with a private bathroom and walk-in closet, because you deserve it. Next, think about who needs a permanent space. Is this a young child or one on the way who will grow with the space? One who needs a welcome respite after a semester away at college? Or even a mother-in-law who is moving in with you. 

Make sure each person has some space -- and some privacy -- to relax and live away from the communal spaces. This will make day-to-day interactions a little easier if you are not fighting for bathroom counter space or shower time. 

Is your kitchen making the cut?

Too many people are living with kitchens that are too small, do not provide enough storage or just are not convenient. You may have tried buying a smaller refrigerator or changing out the sink, but if you are still uninspired then the space becomes less productive.

That is why every kitchen in Symphony Farms comes with an attached walk-in pantry. A home works best when you can keep it organized and between work and school the kitchen often suffers first. This way, everyone knows which cabinets and shelves have the snacks they crave and the tools they need to make meal preparation a breeze. 

Do you have room for your hobbies?

Indoor and outdoor spaces should support your lifestyle in your new home. Do you like to work on your car? Entertain a crowd around the backyard grill? Read and relax in a home library?

All those things are possible if you plan ahead! 

Look for a home with flexible spaces like lofts and extra bedrooms that you can transform. Homes have lost some of their traditional rigidity as people move away from formal sitting and dining rooms in favor of an open layout. Do not be afraid to re-imagine what a room can be and how it will best serve your family.

The beauty of that foundation is, you can also change it at any time. For example, you may get really committed to your new work-out routine, but find later that a brisk walk with the dog was more your style. No worries! 

A well-planned flex room can adapt to your lifestyle and needs quickly and easily. No wonder it is one of the most common things our clients are looking for when they walk through the door. 

If it feels like time to right-size, Lifestyles Building can help you find the right home for you between our move-in ready homes and available floor plans. Call us at (913) 884-6300, or fill out our Contact Form for more information on the developments at Symphony Farms. 

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