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More Than a House: A Classroom

August 5, 2020

This is the second in a series of blogs from Lifestyles Building that will explore how family dynamics and the ways we use our homes are changing in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. Follow along on our blog page for upcoming posts.

Somehow, we’re down to the final month before school starts in Gardner. Some elements will look different this time around, but it is safe to say that your home will play a big part in your students’ success. 

To make your home conducive to these changes, put the kids first. Think about what will help them get back into a routine, what will help them stay focused and how to mix a little fun into the equation as well. 

Let’s get down to business

Now is the perfect time to start inching toward a new schedule. If kids need to be up early, start enforcing earlier bedtimes now and make hard deadlines for the morning. Whether they are hopping in your car and heading to school, or signing on for a virtual class, a little lead time will make for a much smoother transition the first week of school. 

Sitting down and planning for the mornings may help too if parents and kids can agree on breakfast items and packed lunches. A basket for grab-and-go options in the walk-in pantry or mudroom gives students some autonomy and saves everyone time when the commute gets crunched. 

This is a good time to look through the 2020-21 School Calendar too and markdown important dates to keep track of throughout the year.

Designate school spaces

This is especially important for remote learning, but applies to students attending in-person classes too. Work together to choose spaces that provide some privacy where uninterrupted learning can take place. 

Depending on your needs, this may be a few hours of homework in the afternoon at the kitchen table or kitchen island, or it may require a more similar set-up to the home offices we explored in the last blog. Regardless, you will want a spot with access to outlets, comfortable seating and appropriate supplies like books and writing utensils. 

Your family should also select a drop point where backpacks, notebooks, masks and other items land at the end of the day to reduce missing assignments. 

Leave room for flexibility

The end of the school year was a whirlwind in May and this semester will still take a lot of adjusting. Patience will be key as students and teachers adapt to the changes.

Consider your current needs when you are prepping for the year, but also keep other possibilities in the back of your mind in case the district changes the calendar or your family needs to keep students at home. 

If you’re struggling to fit everyone’s needs in your current home, Symphony Farms can help find the right floor plan for your family. Schedule an appointment today to tour move-in-ready homes or meet with our team to start designing your dream home. 

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