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Flexibility is key

June 5, 2020

Flexibility is key in 2020. Whether it’s classes moving online or jobs allowing people to work remotely, families are finding ways to make their homes into something more. 

At Symphony Farms, we try to anticipate some of these demands by building flexible spaces into each home that can seamlessly convert to offices, playrooms and even extra bedrooms when the time comes. 

Room to work

Setting up a quick Zoom call at the dining room table just isn’t cutting it, especially if there are barking dogs or talking kids in the background. However, making an extra room into a home office is an easy transition and one that is handy for homework time too. 

Start with a desk (or at least a sturdy table) to keep you focused while you work. The couch may be more tempting, but so are naps if you get too comfortable. Make sure there’s a bare wall or attractive art piece behind you if video calls are a common occurrence. This works best in a room with a door to cut down on interference from the rest of the family unless dogs are specifically invited at the morning check-in. 

Room to play

The next big priority we are hearing from buyers is room to roam. Weather in Gardner is already unpredictable making it extra important to have some inside space to entertain. This could be a finished basement or loft set up with books, games and streaming devices. 

Or it might just mean room to spread out so everyone can enjoy their own devices and pursue their own hobbies in peace. Hopefully, this helps the first point of creating a productive office environment too if everyone has a place to quietly pass the time. 

Room to stay

Recent events also have some families planning for a different dynamic that might include a more multigenerational approach. That could apply to a college graduate moving home, in-laws moving in or any combination as people strive to reconnect after social distancing. 

You may or may not have a traditional guest room set up, but planning ahead when you are shopping for a new home can help prepare you for that challenge too. Many of our floor plans in Symphony Farms utilize an in-law suite that creates an semi-private and easily accessible space for your new guests. These rooms are traditionally on the first floor and include a bathroom en-suite in addition to the large closets we provide for every room. 

If it’s time for your family to upgrade and find a home that fits you better, the Symphony Farms team can help you move in by the end of the year with a spec home or build project. Stop by an open house this weekend or contact us at (913) 884-6300 to start planning. 

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