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Create a Personal Spa From the Comfort of Your Own Home

January 18, 2022

As you make your way into 2022, your New Year’s Resolutions may be taking up the majority of your time. As important as it is to accomplish the goals you set for yourself this year—it’s also important to take the time to rest and reset. Your Symphony Farms home can help with just that. You don’t need to make the trip to the spa to feel as if you’ve just come from one—so read on to see our tips on how you can transform your bathroom into a perfect sanctuary for a night of relaxation. 

Reduce clutter where you can

When you go into a spa for the first time, you feel an automatic sense of peace and tranquility. The white walls, clean lines and effortless ease of the design is a breath of fresh air—and one of the main ways a spa can bring out that feeling so easily is that fact that it is decluttered. 

When your senses are overwhelmed, your mind is never able to slow down. When you take away the non-essential decorations in your bathroom and let the effortless beauty of the space speak for itself—you will automatically see a difference. Accentuate the image of your own personal oasis by hiding everyday products in cabinets or well-placed bins and containers. 

Add in greenery to create a naturally beautiful environment

Removing clutter doesn’t mean that you can’t have any decorations throughout your home spa, though. Adding in some greenery is the perfect way to spruce up your bathroom as well as bringing an earthy, natural feel to your space. 

If a greenthumb isn’t necessarily in your realm of expertise, an array of fake plants would easily do the trick. If you’re willing to try your hand at becoming a gardening enthusiast, though, a snake plant, lucky bamboo or a number of pothos can thrive in low-light or windowless rooms. 

Consider candles to create the perfect ambiance

Placing candles throughout your space is another way to add some decor to the room without making it feel overpowering. Having the correct lighting is crucial to creating the ambiance that spas are known for. Whether it’s an array of unscented candles placed throughout the room to provide a low-light glow or a few perfectly paired scented candles—they will only enhance the spa-like feeling you are creating. 

Invest in comfort items

There’s nothing better than stepping out of a relaxing shower or bath, drying off with a warm, fluffy towel before spending the rest of your night wrapped in a robe and slippers and curling up with a good book. If your towels are visible at all times, they are essentially built in decor—so steer clear of bright colors in favor of neutral tones. Even if you have them hidden away, investing in well-made towels and robes could be the make-or-break point in your at-home spa. 

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