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Back to School Without the Hassle

August 9, 2019

As another long, hot Kansas City summer comes to an end, Symphony Farms is buzzing with back-to-school energy.

Whether you’re sending your kindergartner off for the first time, or you’re getting ready to drop off a senior, following these tips might help make the coming weeks a little smoother. 

Simplify Your Routine

Kids - and adults - can take a while to get out of bed in the morning, so try to keep the A.M. routine quick and easy for everyone. A few easy things to plan ahead for are backpacks, lunches and outfits. 

When homework is finished each night, make a habit of re-packing backpacks so nothing gets left behind. This means planners, folders and most importantly the homework you just completed to save yourself a panicked call and an extra trip to the school after drop-off.

Lunch is another easy thing to plan ahead for. Whether you’re a meal-planning family or a peanut butter and jelly everyday crowd, front-load your work by packing lunch the night before so you can grab-and-go on the way out the door. If you need some culinary inspiration, try this list from The Food Network.

Unless it’s Picture Day, it shouldn’t be a terrible battle in the morning to get everyone dressed. You can lay out clothes the night before with shoes, socks and accessories or even plan up to a week ahead with a Ziploc system.

Combine The Calendars

Hopefully you already know the most important date in the Gardner Edgerton School District is August 13. This is the first day for K-8, 9th graders and other kids new to the high school. Preschool and the rest of your high schoolers start the 14th, and then you’re off to the races. 

Between sports, activities, appointments, birthdays, field trips and whatever else life throws at you, you’ll want everyone on the same page so nothing gets missed. There are a lot of helpful apps that the family can use to reference the schedule on the go, but it’s hard to beat a classic printed calendar at home. Try using highlighters or different colored pens to add some fun and some clarity as the dates fill.

Carve Out Time For Family 

It’s easy to get lost in the shuffle once school starts, but make sure you’re still setting aside some time for fun! 

This can be as simple as letting kids choose a pickup and dropoff playlist in the car or making an evening at the park part of the routine. Adults need some time to decompress after work so it makes sense that kids need a little time too before diving back into homework. 

Get Excited About Gardner

We are probably preaching to the choir here, but we think Gardner is pretty great. 

Gardner Edgerton School District has seven elementary schools, three middle schools and a high school serving approximately 6,100 students every year. Three of those are National Blue Ribbon Schools and all 11 have been recently built, expanded or remodeled.

None of your terrific options are very far from the Symphony Farms community and in fact, the high school is just down the road between 167th Street and 175th Street on Waverly Road. 

If you don’t live with us yet, but are thinking that life in Gardner sounds pretty nice, call us at (913) 884-6300, or fill out our Contact Form for more information on the developments at Symphony Farms. 

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